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Where is the Price Menu?

There is no Price Menu. Every experience is unique and design completely by you! Let me know your interests and needs, and I will tell you the price. Usually, TSFrend costs 9 eur/hr in Slovenian, 12 eur/hr in English, and 19 eur/hr in other language + ingredients (for dinner, museum entrance, cappuccino, gas). Royal breakfast is 9 euro and 3 course homemade dinner 15 euro.

Usually, there are two bills per customer experience: one for the basic plan, invoiced and paid before your arrival, and the second after the trip for all the additionalities and tip. PAYMENTS:

What a Slovenian Travel Friend is not?

Slovenian Travel Friend is your host and a friend service for Slovenia and abroad, not a tour guide. It is an experience of a friend visiting.

What languages are available?

The business runs in English. However, we can hire a company, a tour guide or language course for other languages as well: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Croatian.