being a host

#My Philosophy
I'm a born Host.

Since I was 10, I have been hosting Sunday family lunches together with my mom for 15 people regularly, and it was always so much fun. I also was organizing parties and travels for me & friends during high school and also during our college years. Since moving back to Slovenia from Canada and after all of my travel, I am having friends visiting me from around the world. Now I have decided to turn my passion for hosting into an occupation. I would love to host you, welcome to Slovenia!

# The Story

# Are you traveling to Slovenia or cities nearby? Do you need any help to plan your trip, a place to stay with homemade dinner or an airport shuttle? Contact me, I am all yours! By your Design ...

# Maribor/Ptuj, Slovenia: see the magnificent natural beauties around the country, mountains & the Adriatic Sea, eat and drink well with good company.

# Ljubljana (SLO) and Zagreb (CRO) capitals
1hr one way.

# Wanna hop to Venice (ITA), Vienna (AUT) or Budapest (HU)?
3 hrs one way, let's go!

# Available to digital nomads for a month of co-working retreat as well.

Customers are saying ...


Sandra Creighton (Canada)

visited twice, around Slovenia and to Venice


toronto drago

Drago Cimerman, Maribor Slovenia

A 7 day trip to Ontario, Canada
(Toronto, Niagara falls)



Sven Ruths (Germany)

weekend getaway to Maribor and Ptuj


Next Steps...

Don't hesitate to contact me!
I want to reserve your dates of visiting asap ...